Le Malbec du Clos Triguedina 2016

The second red wine from the Christmas Wine Tasting at the Lion and Lamb and my seventh of the night (wine that is not glass, as I had two glasses of some). Needless to say the tasting notes are getting sparser, it was a miracle I was able to write at all. Please don’t let this be a reflection of the wine, more of my state on inebriation ­čĄ¬.

This is a Malbec from the Cahors region in South West France. I generally associate Malbec with Argentina and Chile, who churn out tonnes of the stuff. However I am aware that the grape originates from the South West of France where the wines are considered less fruit forward and more leathery than their Latino cousins. I was therefore quite happy to greeted with the scent of dark berries when sniffing this lovely purple coloured wine.

However I do agree that this wine has a more earthy flavour along with the dark berries. It also has sufficient tannins and acidity for me to get the sour flavour I associate with some red wines, but not overwhelming. A dry wine with medium tannins and acidity, and a surprisingly light body. Not sure why I was surprised, I guess I always assumed French red wines to be heavy.

A decent Malbec but not my favourite. I admit I prefer the fruit led versions from South America. Mind you I gulped it down without any problems.

Name: Le Malbec du Clos Triguedina
Colour: Red
Year: 2016
Grapes Malbec
Winery: Triguedina Jean Luc Bald├Ęs
Country: France
Region: Cahors
Quality Classification: Apellation D’Origine Prot├ęg├ęe
Alcohol: 13.5%
Price: £8.99

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