Paisaje de las Islas Forastera

The second wine at the Volcanic Experience winetasting at VinoPremier featuring wines from the Tajinaste Viñedos y Bodega in the Canary Islands.

This white wine is made from 100% Forestera Blanca grown on the Island of Gomera. Not to be confused with the Italian Grape of the same name this is a genetically distinct local variety only found in Gomera. It is part of the bodega’s Paisaje de la Islas range of wines designed to highlight local varieties and terroir.

Like the previous wine this one has spent 4 months in french Allier oak barrels. It is in many respects similar to the previous wine in that it has a pale straw colour, with the slight burnt match scent and underlying white fruit and citrus. A dry wine with high acidity.

However this is a much fuller wine both in potency of the scent and in the body. It generously fills your mouth and is a richer wine, but the mineral citric flavour keeps it refreshing. Similar to the last but with much more oomph.

Name: Paisaje de las Islas Forastera
Colour: White
Year: unknown
Grapes Forastera Blanca
Winery: Tajinaste Viñedos y Bodega
Country: Spain
Region: Canary Island (Gomera)
Quality Classification: Denominacion de Origen Protegida
Alcohol: 13.5%
Price: 19,05€

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