Wacky Wine Labels

The other night I noticed these wacky wine labels at a new place I was checking out and ended up buying a bottle purely because of its name. I had no idea what grapes it was made of or the region it came from. As it happened it turned out to be pretty good.

It brought to mind a discussion at a previous tasting on which is more important the wine making methods or the marketing? A daughter who had joined the family business was trying to teach her stubborn Grandfather that he needed to upgrade their image to ensure their wine stood out amongst the myriad of bottles available here on any supermarket shelf. He felt it should stand on taste alone. She argued It could be the most amazing wine but this wouldn’t matter if no one got to see or buy it.

I’m personally neutral on the subject but, after the other night, I now wonder: how many of you buy a wine based on its packaging and would you buy one of these?

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