Yakut 2018

Years ago in my twenties (an age I haven’t seen for a few decades) I tried a Turkish red wine at a London restaurant. I don’t remember being impressed. A few years ago I went on a hiking holiday in Turkey. Can’t for the life of me remember if I drank any Turkish wine on that holiday. If I did it didn’t make an impression.

Suffice to say Turkey has never been up there as a wine region in my mind. So it was with trepidation that I ordered a bottle of house red Turkish wine at the new Turkish restaurant in the town where my Dad lives. We know the owner so it seemed rude but to try the wine from his home region.

Thankfully, either the owner knows his wines or Turkish wine has come a long way since my London days, because I quite enjoyed this wine.

The winery, Kavaklidere, is one of the main wine producers in Turkey with a wide variety wines from all of Turkey’s wine growing regions. It is also a key wine importer to Turkey. This wine, Yakut 2018, is part of their classic range. It is from Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey and made from a classic mix of local grapes Boğazkere and Öküzgözü along with some Carignan and Alicante Bouchet (yeh! A Spanish grape!)

Pale purple in colour with a medium fruity scent of red berries and a hint of spice.

A dry wine with medium tannins and acidity. Light body and a clean finish. In flavour cherry and other berries with a mildly spicy finish. The tannins come across strong when you first open the bottle but then quickly died away with oxygen.

Perfectly drinkable fruity red wine. Better than I was expecting. Given this is their basic range it wets my appetite to try some of the more sophisticated options from this wine maker.

Perhaps another holiday to Turkey is called for.

Name: Yakut
Colour: Red
Year: 2018
Grapes Boğazkere, Öküzgözü, Carignan and Alicante Bouchet
Winery: Klavaklidere Winery
Country: Turkey
Region: Eastern Anatolia
Quality Classification: Non Applicable
Alcohol: 13.5%
Price: £14 in a UK restaurant

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