Soul Tree Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Another slightly out there wine from a less than usual wine region. This time from India. Tried at a new style street food Indian restaurant in Cambridge, The Tiffin Truck (very tasty food). It was recommended to me by my old friends at the Lion and Lamb in Milton. Given they know there wines and food I hot footed it down there on my next visit to the UK. Very glad I did.

So this is a typical restaurant with low light ambience and given it serves Indian food pretty strong scents abound. What that means is I’d take my colour and scent descriptions with a pinch of salt because the conditions were less than optimal. Having said that it looked like a pale lemon colour and had a creamy fruity scent.

It tasted creamy as well with light herbs and some tropical fruit. A dry wine with medium body and acidity. A citrus finish.

A surprisingly nice Sav Blanc and a refreshing change from the overly fruity sBs being churned out these days. It went really well with the food.

So now I need to do some research on Indian wine regions because it seems they’re worth checking. Interesting website for this wine as it has a address despite bring from India.

Name:Soul Tree

Colour: White
Year: 2018
Grapes Sauvignon Blanc
Winery: Soul Tree Winery
Country: India
Region: Nasik Valley
Quality Classification: Non Applicable
Alcohol: 13%
Price: £13 in a UK restaurant

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