Vinoteca Vides

Based in the trendy Chueca barrio of Madrid this wine bar has one of the most extensive wines by the glass menus. They sell over 120 different wines from every denominación in Spain, made from 65 different grape varieties. 45 of these are sold by the glass.

If you are looking to discover Spanish wines without the need to go to a wine tasting then this is the bar for you. One word of advice get there early as it gets busy quick and it’s a typical small narrow unassuming Madrileño bar. We went at the unfashionable (for Madrid) hour of 6pm on a Wednesday. Within a couple of hours it was standing room only. Apparently at the weekends they often run out of standing room as well.

The bar is staffed by sommeliers who know their wine and are happy to advise you on what best to drink. Another reason to get there early as with more people they have less time to give each one and for many such an extensive wine list can be a little overwhelming. In my case I just chose any wines by the glass made from grape varieties I hadn’t tasted before. Next time I will go for regions I’ve not tried before. All this information is clearly given on the wine list.

In addition to the impressive wine list they also have 4-5 monthly specials that are available by the glass. It’s a plethora of choice. This bar does not do wine tastings but with so many wines by the glass they don’t need to. All you need is available to structure your own personal wine tasting.

A bar well worth checking out for any winelover in Madrid.

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