Parada de Atauta (Update)

I first tried this red wine back in March of last year at a Lavinia Tasting Class. I wasn’t well that night and was struggling to appreciate the wines before me. I admitted at the time that hadn’t really tasted this wine and it got a rather lack lustre write up. To see my original notes click on the link below

The Bodega that makes this wine read my post and rather nicely sent me another bottle to try when I felt better. I don’t often drink at home so the opportunity hasn’t arisen until now. We’re currently under quarantine in Madrid for the COVID-19 virus, so all my drinking is now home drinking.

I’m glad I saved this wine because it was just the pick me up I needed. In my previous notes I wrote:

This is a clear, medium intensity, ruby red coloured wine, with a medium nose of red berries, blackberry, earth and oak. It’s a dry wine with medium acidity, medium body and high tannins. Beyond that how it tasted is anyones guess. The tannins were too high for me and I clearly switched off.

Well I take that back. The tannins are not too high at all. If fact I’d say medium and all that fruity scent came through loud and clear in the flavour, with just the right amount earth/oak to provide interest without ruining the fruit.

I absolutely loved this wine. The intention was to have a glass or two but I ended up downing the entire bottle.

Thank you Bodega Dominio de Atauta. It was a long time coming but your gift cheered me right up just when I needed it.

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