Rey Santo Verdejo 2019

This is the first wine from the Madrid & Darracott Lockdown Virtual Tastings. It is a classic Verdejo white wine from the Rueda D.O. Rueda white wines are served in just about every bar in Madrid and around most of Spain. Ask for a glass of white without specifying, and you will probably get a Rueda. For the most part these wines are eminently drinkable and economically priced, but the sheer quantity inevitably means a big variation on quality.

Rey Santo is made from 100% Verdejo from 15 year old vines by the Javier Sanz Group who are one of the stalwarts of the Rueda region. Their Sanz Classico is my go to white if I’m at a supermarket with limited choice. This particular wine is marketed separately from their main label for some reason.

It has a pale straw colour with some hints of green. Quite a light citrus scent with tropical fruit of melon, pineapple and lychee. Plus some green tones which I was told was grass, but not strong.

A nice smooth subtle wine. Medium body. It coats the tongue and has a lingering finish, but isn’t a heavy wine. High acidity however it’s nicely balanced and isn’t overpowering, just lends a crispness to the wines. The citrus, tropical fruit and green tones come through but are not in your face. They blend well together.

This is an excellent verdejo.

Name:Rey Santo Verdejo

Colour: Wine
Year: 2019
Grapes 100% Verdejo
Winery: Bodega Javier Sanz
Country: Spain
Region: Rueda
Quality Classification: Denominacion de Origen
Alcohol: 13%
Price: 5,50€

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