AbreCaminos Godello 2018

This is the second wine from the Madrid & Darracott Lockdown Virtual Tastings (box number two). It is a Godello from the Galician region of Valdeorras. These are usually one of my favourite white wines.

A full sibling of the Verdejo grape, the Godello variety has less malic acid than verdejo so none of the citrus tones or high acidity in the wine. Usually you get the white fruit flavours, apples and pears, but less in your face giving a smoother more elegant drink. Some of them can also be quite flinty or mineral, but my favourites are the ones with floral flavours of blossom.

This particular 100% Godello blend comes from a small bodega with no website that only seems to do this one wine. I have to be honest we didn’t get on. According to the tasting notes from the online group this wine had pear and peach scents with a full palate. I will admit I tried it on a day I wasn’t feeling so good and I’d brushed my teeth not long before, so my taste buds were not to be trusted.

It’s a pale coloured wine and I’d agree with the full palate. I could get the pear and peach flavours but they were ruined for me by an oily overtone. I usually like oily wines, but this was acrid, however that could be the toothpaste. I did manage to finish the bottle but I didn’t enjoy it, However I do feel I ought to give it another try on a better day.

Name: AbreCaminos Godello
Colour: White
Year: 2018
Grapes Godello
Winery: Bodega Felipe Mayo Alonso
Country: Spain
Region: Valdeorras
Quality Classification: Denominacion de Origen
Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: 9,80€

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