Los Grillos 2015

The fourth wine from the Madrid & Darracott virtual wine tastings (box 2), this red wine is made from the grape variety Negramoll which is local to La Palma of the Canary Islands.

Made from old vines of 80 to 150 years and fermented in French oak barrels in its own lees for six months. It is recommended to age for five years in the bottle.

This is a new grape variety for me so very exciting. I’m also unfamiliar with wines from La Palma though I’ve tried other Canary Island reds. They can often be quite volcanic.

This is a very pale garnet colour. Very see through. It has an earthy mossy scent with mineral tones.

A dry wine and noticeably acidic. Light body and medium finish.

It was hard for me to get past the acidity. It gives it a sharp flinty flavour but underneath there is the earthy tones and unripe forest berries.

Not my style of wine but interesting.

Name: Los Grillos
Colour: Red
Year: 2015
Grapes Negramoll
Winery: Llanos Negros
Country: Spain
Region: La Palma
Quality Classification: Denominacion de Origen
Alcohol: 13%
Price: unknown but probably less than 10€

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