Bar La Espumosa

Located on Glorieta de Pintor Sorolla in Madrid Bar La Espumosa has become a post lockdown favourite. Firstly because it’s a champagne bar and we wanted to celebrate our freedom. Secondly because it has a large Terraza that allows social distancing even for groups.

The food is pretty good as well. Everything is made with natural ingredients and Spanish classics are given a modern twist. Many of their dishes are gluten free as they use chickpea flour. You’d never know it though as it all tastes delicious.

The main attraction however is the champagne. Not cava but the real stuff from France. Don’t get me wrong I love cava, it’s a highly underrated drink, but sometimes it’s nice to venture over the border. La espumosa usually has about 2-3 different champagnes by the glass for 7€ to 9€, and about 7-8 champagnes by the bottle ranging from 49€ to 100€.

With various groups I’ve drunk a fair bit of their house champagne which is perfectly drinkable. However my personal opinion is that if you’re going to splash out for champagne in a country where a decent bottle of cava goes for 8€ to 10€, then you may as well go higher end and have something true to the lovely dry nutty yeasty flavour a good champagne can yield. Speak with the owner Juliette and she will steer you right.

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