Reserva y Cata

Before we were put into lockdown I went to a lovely Champagne tasting at Reserva y Cata. This wine shop is based in central Madrid just off Paseo de Recolectos. It sells a range of both Spanish and International wines. It also has a small bar area and a table for wine tastings.

I had a great night there not just for the tasting, which was lovely, but afterward we bought a bottle of French wine and sat drinking it at the bar area. It was nicely intimate and the owner, Ezequiel, spent quite sone time with us describing the different wines.

Ezequiel is also the first wine boff here who’s managed to clearly explain the different types of organic/natural wines that proliferate the market here in Spain. He emailed me charts and everything. I will be sharing these with you shortly.

I would highly recommend this place if you are in the area. They have reopened since the quarantine and I am eagerly waiting for them to start wine tastings again.

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