Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial

The first of three rose champagnes at the Valentine tasting at Reserva y Cata. I know very little about rose champagne so was looking forward to this, but was disappointed to see Moet & Chandon as the first choice. It is probably the best known brand in the UK and it’s standard champagne, whilst perfectly fine, is not my favourite.

Well shame on me for such negative brand bias because it turns out I like their rose.

It has a deep blush, salmon colour and nice tight bubbles.

You can smell the yeast, which I love in a champagne and hints of raspberry.

A good dry champas, very light and refreshing with subtle flavours of raspberry and yeast tones, and of course that carbonated flavour you get with sparkling wine.

Name: Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial
Colour: Rose
Year: unknown
Grapes 10%-20% chardonnay, 40%-59% pinot noir, 30%-40% pinot meunier
Winery: Moet & Chandon
Country: France
Region: Champagne
Quality Classification: None
Alcohol: 12%
Price: 46€

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