Ruinart Champagne Rose

The third and final rose champagnes at the Valentine tasting at Reserva y Cata. Never heard of Ruinart before so this is a new champagne maison for me, though it has been around since 1729.

The colour is somewhere between salmon and pink. I didn’t get much of a scent, but to be honest my nose is not that good and tends to give up after a few wines.

This champagne had the berry flavour I expect of a pink coloured wine, a nice mix of strawberry and raspberry. A light flavour but definitely there. Really light bubbles and a bit of a finish but mainly carbonation.

Again light and easy to drink. I enjoyed this one. It’s a good summer champagne. One of my favourites of the night.

Name: Ruinart Rose
Colour: Rose
Year: unknown
Grapes 45% chardonnay, 55% pinot noir
Winery: Maison Ruinart
Country: France
Region: Champagne
Quality Classification: None
Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: 61€

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