You Fuck My Wine

Whilst at the Champagne Tasting Reserva y Cata I noticed this red wine on the shelf. The label does rather attract attention with that name. Personally I thought it was a joke and the wine would probably be awful. I bought it anyway and fortunately I was wrong it was a lovely wine.

This is a bio dynamic wine and the name refers to the chemicals often used in wine making. The producers feel these chemicals ruin the wine and aren’t necessary. Now Spain has a lot of organic, natural and bio dynamic wines. I’ve never managed to fathom the difference between them. Fortunately the shop owner, Ezequiel, knew his stuff. He sent me charts clearly explaining what’s what, which I will share with you later this week.

Back to Your Fuck My Wine’. This is a red wine from south east France. Mainly carmenere grape plus some tannat.

It has a light to medium purple colour and a smokey tobacco/earthy scent which I love.

The smoky/earthy flavour comes cross when you drink it along with black currant.

A really interesting wine and one that shouldn’t give me a chemical hangover. What’s not to love.

Name: You Fuck My Wine
Colour: Red
Year: unknown
Grapes Carmenere and Tannat
Winery: Fabien Jouves Vigneron
Country: France
Region: South West France
Quality Classification: Vin de France
Alcohol: 13.5%
Price: 14€

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