The Straw Hat Prestige White

I’m currently in the UK visiting family. This is usually when I get to try a range of non Spanish wines. However this time the government has dictated that I must self isolate for 2 weeks. Fortunately my family put together a quarantine care box that included 3 bottles of wine.

The first is this white wine from The Straw Hat a British based drinks producer, I hesitate to call it a winery, owned by The wholesaler Continental Wines and Foods limited based in Huddersfield. I have no idea if The Straw Hat is also based there as there is no address on the website. In fact there is very little information either on the website or the bottle.

Nowhere does it tell you the grapes used or any details on the fermenting of this wine. All it says is that this is a fun fruity wine that they recommend drinking over ice with lemonade.

This is an ominous sign. No decent winery would suggest you water down their wine. Unfortunately they are correct because this drink is more alcopop than wine and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. In fact most of it went down the sink.

I wouldn’t want this to put you off English wines. Me and my sister have been working our way through a number of them and there are some great dry and off dry whites out there. This unfortunately is not one of them.

For a start it is a sweet wine, quite sickeningly so. It is also, thankfully, not English as it states in small print on the bottle that is is made from imported grape juice. Nowhere on the bottle or the website does it state that this is a sweet wine which frankly pisses me off. Is it so hard to do? Neither I or my sister are sweet wine fans and she wouldn’t have bought it if she’d known.

OK so I’m not a sweet wine fan but I’ve drunk several in Spain where it is quite popular and some have good depth and can be quite refreshing. This one however is all sweet with no complexity, it smells of honey with a sourness. It tastes of this as well, like overripe fruit or a really bad mead. The sourness is not pleasant. It has a medium body which leaves the sweetness clinging to your tongue, with a short finish that is a total non event.

Go back to the drawing board Straw Hat.

Name: The Straw Hat Prestige White
Colour: White
Year: unknown
Grapes unknown
Winery: The Straw Hat
Country: England
Region: Unknown
Quality Classification: none
Alcohol: 11%
Price: £4.50

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