Argentinian Wine Regions

Yesterday I wrote up a rather nice Malbec red wine from the Mendoza Region in Argentina. The UK market is awash with Malbec reds from Mendoza and I have had mixed results. Some I absolutely love and others have been seriously blah. So I decided it was time to get to grips with this wine region and do a bit of research.

Imagine my delight to find that Argentina has many more wine regions than Mendoza and uses other grapes besides Malbec. However as the Mendoza region accounts for about 83% of the country’s wine production it is hardly surprising that these are the wines that proliferate the shelves.

Clearly I am going to need to try a lot more Argentinian wines. But I’m up for the challenge. Below is a link to a great website that has a really good overview of the different regions and wines produced. A good starting point.

Click on image to open

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