Trivento Reserva 2018

Having fallen in love with Trivento’s Golden Reserva it seemed only right to check out their base level Reserva offering. I nicked this off my sister’s wine shelf. I assume they bought it last December as it seems to be the Christmas batch and is labelled ‘Merry Malbec’. However I assume it is the same as the classic reserva.

This has been matured in oak for 6 months. 25% in French oak and 75% in American oak .

The same purple colour as the golden reserva but less dense.

Noticeable scent with strong earthy tones and hints of the red berry fruits.

Dry, medium body and finish.

A Raw Tobacco flavour with Red berries underneath. Slight sourness from the medium tannins and acidity. Not as balanced or as fruity as the golden reserva. The different flavours fight for attention rather than blend together, but I forgive that because I love those flavours.

A great wine for the price but the golden reserva is a smoother ride and worth the extra expense if you can afford it.

Name: Trivento Reserve
Colour: Red
Year: 2018
Grapes 100% Malbec
Winery: Trivento Bodega
Country: Argentina
Region: Mendoza
Quality Classification: non applicable
Alcohol: 14%
Price: £6

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