Mestizaje Blanco 2018

The second wine at the Madrid & Darracott story telling tasting. This wine’s name translates as mongrel because it is a mix breed made from three different grapes: Merseguera,Viogner and Malvasia. The first is a local grape variety rarely seen outside of Valencia.

From the Utiel region of Valencia this is an organic wine that does not carry a Denominacion de Origen quality label because of the grapes used. It is nonetheless a lovely wine.

A golden yellow colour it has an interesting scent: floral, hints of tropical fruit and some rock.

Low to medium acidity, dry, nice medium body which covers the tongue. Lovely floral fruity flavour, my favourite type. The dry rock comes in the finish keeping it fresh.

i really liked this wine and bought some to take home with me.

Name: Mestizaje Blanco
Colour: White
Year: 2018
Grapes 65-70% Merseguera, 20-25% Viognier, 10-15% Malvasía
Winery: Bodega Mustiguillo
Country: Spain
Region: Valencia
Quality Classification: Vino de España
Alcohol: 13.5%
Price: 10,50€

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