Why Blend Wines?

We have recently published tastings on a number of blended wines both red and white made from two or more different grape varieties. Which begs the question: why blend wines?

Well some grape varieties make fantastic wines all by themselves and you will find a number of single variety wines amongst my tastings. However this is not always the case. Other grapes may lack in flavour profile, be too high or low in acidity/tannins, or produce low body lack lustre wines. Blending grape varieties with different profiles can correct such deficiencies. Even grape varieties that produce sterling wines in their own right can be blended to add additional interest.

Not all grape varieties go well together. You tend to see similar pairings crop up time and again because these grapes compliment each other. Below is an article by winefolly.com about the main blends you should look for and why they work.

Winefolly.com : Why Certain Grapes are Blended Together

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