Tinto Velasco Grape Variety

Tinto Velasco, Tinto de la Pámpana, Frasco …… this local Spanish grape variety has many names. Rarely seen on its own as it is an unassuming grape variety, it is used in red wine blends primarily in Castilla La Mancha.

Aside from the above there is practically zero information out there on this grape. Even wine-searcher.com which lists over a 1000 grape varieties has nothing on this one. This is about as local and unknown as you get.

When first searching for information google directed me to the Alicante Bousche grape variety. This was a little confusing as the wine I tried had both Tinto Velasco and the Garnacha Tintorera in it. The second is most definitely a local name for Alicante Bousche. It makes no sense to put the same grape in twice,

Further research showed that this was not the case and that Tinto Velasco is a distinct grape variety. All be it one that not many people know about.

Below is the only information I can find on this grape taken from the wein.plus website which is a new one on me.

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