Bobal Grape Variety

Check out the article below (click on the image) by entitled ‘Bobal grape: Can the ugly duckling become a swan?’. The title surprised me because I’ve always liked Bobal red wines. They have the fruity palate that I enjoy and rarely overwhelm me with tannins and acidity.

So it was a bit of a shock to find they are historically associated with Rose wines (never tried one) and are known for higher tannins (really!) Apparently they do have the perfect acidity level, which may explain why I like them, as I have long suspected that my problem with red wines may be more acidity that tannins, but the two do tend to come together.

The article does say that all the wines tried by the taster were well balanced and I agree. Whatever Bobal’s historic reputation may be, as far as I’m concerned today’s wine makers have got it right because I love the stuff.

Bobal grape: Can the ugly duckling become a swan?

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