In Celebration of Bubbles

Welcome to Sparkling Wine Week. Over Christmas and New Year I, like many others, quaffed my way through many a glass of bubbly. Celebrating the end of the crappy year that was 2020 and hoping for a better year to come (oh little did we know!).

OK so 2021 is not turning out to be that great, but I enjoyed the bubblies none the less.

When we think of sparking wine Champagne is what automatically comes to mind. The reality is this represents only a small percentage of the fizzy wines out there. Most wine making countries will have a sparkling and/or frizzante wine made from a wide range of grape varieties and using various methods to provide the fizz.

So in the interest of exploration and in honour of my home countries, this year I tried English Sparkling Wine, Spanish Cava and a sparkling Spanish Albariño. All of these are made using the same technique as Champagne but with different grape varieties.

You may ask the question are they better or worse than Champagne, to which I would say neither. They are different. They have the same small bubbles as champagne but different flavour profiles due to the grapes used and climates. It’s not a matter of which is best rather which flavour you prefer.

So read on to find out.

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