Martin Codax Sparkling Albariño

Another new variety of sparkling wine tried over the festive season. This time from Galicia in Spain and made entirely of Albariño grape. Now I love Albariño white wines and Martin Codax , whilst not the best out there, does a decent wine that a I’m more than happy to drink. So I was quite looking forward to trying the sparkling variety, unfortunately we didn’t get on anywhere near as well as I did with the none sparkly variety.

This is a straw coloured with with the tiny bubbles and nice fizz you expect of a wine produced by the champagne method, It had a scent of sour green apple, liking cooking apples, and citrus plus a bit of burnt toast.

Dry and acidic where my immediate reactions to drinking this wine. Cooking Apple and lemon with some hint of the toast. The sourness stayed with me after swallowing. Sometimes a lingering finish is not a good thing.

I was not keen on this one and will stick to Cava in future. Though I’ve been told there are some better sparkling albariños out there.

Name: Martin Codax Sparkling Albariño
Colour: White
Year: 2017
Grapes Albariño
Winery: Martin Codax
Country: Spain
Region: Rias Baixas
Quality Classification: Denominacion de Origen
Alcohol: 12%
Price: 21€

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