Bitoku 2018

This is a wine I tried last year during lockdown at an online wine tasting with Madrid and Darracott.

Small bodega only around since 2005. Only does three wines and about 3000 bottles of this wine. It’s named after the carp fish that swim in the bodega’s pond.

This is a white wine from Ribeiro DO in Galicia. A classic mix of Treixadura and Loureira grapes.

Described by Darracott as elegant, complex and creamy. Peaches and a bit of lemon. Some mineral. Bit spicy or a touch of herbiness. Similar fruit to Godello.

My personal oppinion: Golden yellow colour; fairly pronounced scent for a white; Peach and tropical; almost floral and definitely herby, but a nice creamy scent on top. Apparently the Loureira has the flavour of fresh bay leaf and flower.

Dry white that nicely coats the tongue and throat. Good finish. Comes across as sweet due to the fruitiness. Good acidity but well blended in.

First to hit you is the fruit and then the creaminess. I agree this is a complex blended wine. I assume it’s been on the Lees for a bit. It has that taste to it. I get the mild herbs but not mineral. It has a freshness to it, not citrus and not what I would call mineral, somewhere in between. Like fresh herbs.

Apparently only 2 months on lees. The body and creaminess makes you think more.

Very good wine.

Name: Bitoku
Colour: White
Year: 2018
Grapes 90% Treixadura and 10% Loureira
Winery: Vinyes Domenech
Country: Spain
Region: Ribeira
Quality Classification: Denominacion de Origen
Alcohol: 13%
Price: 16€

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