I’m Back!

Those of you who follow me will have noticed that I took a wee break and stopped posting for a while. In fact rather a long break of 4 months. I guess like many others wave three of Covid left me a tad unmotivated and I really couldn’t be bothered.

Don’t get me wrong I was still drinking and appreciating wine …. God forbid I ever get that low …. I just couldn’t work up the enthusiasm to write up my tasting notes into this blog. It didn’t help that for safety sake I stopped going to wine tastings. This is a shame because I started this blog for me, so I would remember which wines I like and could buy them again in the future. I have in the last four months had some really good wines which may now disappear back into obscurity.

I did continue at first to make tasting notes but as the number of wines tasted built up the idea of restarting the blog became somewhat overwhelming and my notes became more patchy, until finally I stopped altogether.

Anyway! I’ve now given myself a kick up the backside and will post the wines I’ve drunk to the best of my memory. I have also had my first vaccine. Second jab due in 3 weeks after which I hope to restart the wine tastings, which Madrid has continued to host throughout this epidemic…. bless them!

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