Lagar D’Amprius Garnacha 2016

One if several red wines from this 15 year old bodega in the Matarraña area of Teruel. Despite their young age this bodega has good reviews of many of its wines.

This young red wine is 100% Garnacha. It has a ruby red colour with purple hints and a medium scent of cherry yoghurt.

It’s the best wine I’ve tried in this region so far but then I love cherries. Light bodied, dry with a short finish. It is not a complex wine but has sufficient tannins to give it some oomph. The cherry yoghurt flavour is evident and also the acidity I’ve found with most Teruel wines.

Name: Amprius Lagar Garnacha
Colour: Red
Year: 2016
Grapes 100% Garnacha
Winery: Amprius Lagar
Country: Spain
Region: Teruel, Bajo Aragon
Quality Classification: IGP
Alcohol: 15%
Price: 11€

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