F.Schatz Acinipo

This is a wine that we picked up in Ronda in the Malaga province. It is from a winery set up by two German Brothers which is gaining a reputation for good wines. We bought it as it is one of their flagship wines.

Made from Lemberger grapes more traditionally grown in Austria. The brothers started cultivating these in the Ronda region. The wine is named after the area where the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre stands. It is an organic red wine which has been matured in Slovenian oak for 12 months in lees.

Very red purple wine and quite dark with a pronounced herbaceous, vegetable scent.

This comes across in the flavour which is very herbaceous, mineral and peppery. A dry red wine, with not much body and to be honest a little on the rough side.

It’s an interesting wine with potential. I like where the flavour is going, but it needs to be a bit smoother, which they’ll hopefully achieve with time.

Name: F.Schatz Acinipo
Colour: Red
Year: unknown
Grapes 100% Lemberger
Winery: Bodegas F.Schatz
Country: Spain
Region: Malaga
Quality Classification: Vino de España
Alcohol: 13%
Price: 15€

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