Rocca delle Macie Chianti Riserva

Another Chianti from the DOC Enoteca Italiana wine tasting. This time aged for a minimum of 18m in oak. In Italy they traditionally use larger and older barrels which allow the wine to mature without adding any oak flavour. This should provide good bodied, smooth red wine with tannins and acidity tamed, which retains it fruit flavours rather than take on the earthier oaky tones.

This wine lives up to that expectation. A Medium light colour between ruby and purple, with a pronounced scent of cherries and spice.

Dry, balanced and very smooth. It fills the mouth without irritating the tongue or cleaving to the roof of the mouth. Lingering finish.

Not full of flavour: hints of spice and watery cherries.

Having said that I like it because it’s warming and easy to drink. I would happily buy this at a restaurant but probably not for my home collection.

Name: Rocca delle Macie Chianti Riserva
Colour: Red
Year: 2016
Grapes 95% Sangiovese, 5% Merlot
Winery: rocca delle macie
Country: Italy
Region: Chianti
Quality Classification: Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita
Alcohol: 14.5%
Price: 20€

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