France Approves A New Wine Region

France has approved a new protected geographical indication for wine: The Pays de Brive PGI in Nouvelle- Aquitaine. The newly classified area produces dry, still (non-sparkling) wines in red, white, and rosé as well as sweet white wines. Check out the full article below from winewitandwisdomsweclicking, by clicking on the map welcome to the world … Continue reading France Approves A New Wine Region

Viñas del Vero Gewürztraminer 2018

Third wine from the Madrid & Darracott Cheese and Wine Tasting. A Gewürztraminer from Somontano Denominación in the Huesca province in North East Spain. Gewürztraminer is one of my favourite grapes because it tastes exactly like one would expect alcoholic grape juice to be like and can slide down the throat with ease. Medium Lemon … Continue reading Viñas del Vero Gewürztraminer 2018