Wine Protects Against Sore Throats

So I gave my body a break for a few weeks and stayed clear from alcohol. Enough of that already! With flu season approaching it’s time to get back in the wine. Check out the article below by on wine's antibacterial qualities that protect against sore throats. Click on image to open article by … Continue reading Wine Protects Against Sore Throats

When Wine was Healthier than Water

Back in the Middle Ages in Europe water was considered unhealthy. This was because it was unclean and full of harmful bacteria. For centuries dating back to the early civilisations water was made drinkable by adding alcohol, usually wine. This is why the majority of Western people carry the enzyme to digest alcohol as they've … Continue reading When Wine was Healthier than Water

Barolo Wines: Traditionalists vs Modernists

A battle is raging in the Barolo region between the traditionalists and modernists on the best way to make Barolo wine. This is a battle well known to us winos in Spain as it is also fiercely contested in Toro and Jumilla, or I presume any region of the wine making world where very thick … Continue reading Barolo Wines: Traditionalists vs Modernists