Learn About Wine

So you want to learn more about wine. Well you’ve probably come to the wrong place 😂😂😂.

Seriously, I’m a wine drinker not a wine buff. When trying a wine my sole piece of advice would be to ask yourself one simple question: Do I like it? If yes then buy it again. If no then steer clear.

It matters not what colour the wine is, where it’s from, sweet or dry, cheap or expensive, bulk made or vintage. Do not let the the opinions of others, who think they know better, sway you or put you off your favourite tipple.

You like what you like!

We indiscriminate drinkers are the bread and butter of the wine industry. Without us their profits would dwindle and the industry would shrink significantly. So go ahead and guzzle whatever you like with gusto, any sensible winemaker should worship at your feet.

Having said that maybe like me you’re curious (or in my case downright nosey) and would like to know more. Sometimes the complexity and enormity of the wine world can be off putting.

Well fear not!

There is a wealth of free information out there, plenty of people to help you on your way and well established courses to take you from total novice to knowledgeable professional in no time. How far and fast you follow this well trod path is an individual choice. You can continue to enjoy wine with no knowledge whatsoever or put in the time and effort to become a Master. Most of us settle for some personal comfort point between the two.

So whilst I will not be your teacher, I do hope to point you in the right direction of those who will be and as I follow the path myself give you some insights into what to expect.

Let the lessons begin!