Rocca delle Macie Chianti Riserva

Another Chianti from the DOC Enoteca Italiana wine tasting. This time aged for a minimum of 18m in oak. In Italy they traditionally use larger and older barrels which allow the wine to mature without adding any oak flavour. This should provide good bodied, smooth red wine with tannins and acidity tamed, which retains it … Continue reading Rocca delle Macie Chianti Riserva

Vernaiolo chianti (DOC Enoteca)

Tried at a red wine tasting at my favourite Italian wine bar in Madrud, DOC Enoteca Italia, this is an entry level chianti. A Young unmatured wine made from Sangiovese 90% , Merlot 5%, Canaiolo 5% Pale ruby purple. Definite red tones.Quite a light scent. Earthy, some red fruit. Dry, light body. Refreshing finish. High … Continue reading Vernaiolo chianti (DOC Enoteca)

Fruttaio Ca’Rizzieri 2015

Whilst most Nebbiolo wines are associated with the wine regions in Piedmont, and indeed a good 80% of Nebbiolo wine cultivation is done here, the neighbouring region of Lombardia also cultivates some 10% of Nebbiolo annual production. The third wine from the Nebbiolo Wine Tasting held by the Club de Vinos Madrid at the DOC … Continue reading Fruttaio Ca’Rizzieri 2015

Alice Bel Cole Asti Moscato

The final wine at the Summer Sparklers tasting at The Moscato Bianco grape is known for producing sweet desert wines and this sparkling wine is no exception. It is incredibly sweet. A very pale straw colour, it even smells sweet. The scent has a light intensity but is super tropical: pineapple and lychee. … Continue reading Alice Bel Cole Asti Moscato

Prosecco Follador Extra Dry

The first wine at the Summer Sparkling Wines tasting where we compared sparkling wines from various countries. First up was an Extra Dry Prosecco from the Follador winery. This Italian classic is made from 100% Glera. I assume I have tried this grape variety before as I've tried hundreds of Proseccos (they're very popular … Continue reading Prosecco Follador Extra Dry