Frontonio Telescópico Carignan 2016

The final wine from the Bodegas Frontonio wine tasting at Madrid & Darracott. Another red wine from the the Frontonio collection this time. Made from 100% Carignan grape it has been aged for 14 months in wood barrels to reduce the high tannin, acidity and alcohol levels this grape produces. It has an inky dark … Continue reading Frontonio Telescópico Carignan 2016

Tágara Blanco Seco 2018

Another new grape variety, Marmajuelo, hoorah! And a new wine denominación Ycoden-Daute-Isora in Tenerife. Luke does know how to keep me entertained. This was the second wine at a tasting for at Madrid & Darracott where we discovered some alternative Spanish wines. This white wine is made from Palomino and Marmajuelo grape varieties. The … Continue reading Tágara Blanco Seco 2018