Nicolas Feuillatte Selection Brut

This is La Espumosa Bar's house champagne which you can purchase by the glass for 7€. It is part of the Nicolas Feuillatte Essential range of champagnes which are designed to be accessible to the mass market. The Centre Vinicole – Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte (CV-CNF) is the oldest union of producers of champagne. It comprises … Continue reading Nicolas Feuillatte Selection Brut

Alice Bel Cole Asti Moscato

The final wine at the Summer Sparklers tasting at The Moscato Bianco grape is known for producing sweet desert wines and this sparkling wine is no exception. It is incredibly sweet. A very pale straw colour, it even smells sweet. The scent has a light intensity but is super tropical: pineapple and lychee. … Continue reading Alice Bel Cole Asti Moscato

Andre Clouet Grand Reserva Brut Champagne

This was the third Sparkling wine from the Colourful Wines Summer Sparklers wine tasting at Tomevinos, after we first tried a Cava that I had tasted before. Please click here for the the Cava tasting notes: Art De La Luna Cava Brut Rosado. I really wanted the Cava to be my favourite of the sparkling … Continue reading Andre Clouet Grand Reserva Brut Champagne

Prosecco Follador Extra Dry

The first wine at the Summer Sparkling Wines tasting where we compared sparkling wines from various countries. First up was an Extra Dry Prosecco from the Follador winery. This Italian classic is made from 100% Glera. I assume I have tried this grape variety before as I've tried hundreds of Proseccos (they're very popular … Continue reading Prosecco Follador Extra Dry

Art de Luna Cava Brut Rose Orgánico

The second wine at the Wine & Chocolate tasting. This is a dry Rose sparkling wine made organically from the Spanish stalwart grape: Garnacha. Cava is the only Spanish DO that isn't geographically based. The majority of Cava is produced in Cataluña, but this particular wine is from Valencia. The first Valencian Cava I … Continue reading Art de Luna Cava Brut Rose Orgánico