Who We Are

Hi there!

I am a British lady who has had the fortune to live and travel around the world in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. I have spent much of that time drinking the wines from each of these continents. I am not a wine expert, but I know what I enjoy and you cannot spend 3 plus decades drinking the stuff without picking up a thing or two.

I’m currently based in Madrid, which a paradise for wine drinkers. Spain has so much of the stuff and at incredibly reasonable prices. Whilst I confess I probably drink too much even I had to admit defeat when faced with the incredible range of wines this country has to offer. So in order to try more wines I started inviting my friends for some informal wine tastings round my house.

It was during these tastings that my friends asked me to write a wine blog for them to read. For some strange reason they seemed to think I was an expert ­čśé­čśé­čśé. As much as it pains me to do so, I honestly confess that I am but a mere amateur. In fact I’d have to say that neither my palate or sense of smell are particularly developed. I’m just someone who has drunk copious quantities of wine in their life and who is quite vocal about what they like and what they don’t like.

Mind you it’s saying something when your Spanish friends ask you to pick the wine because you know more about Spanish wines than they do. Seriously guys you need to drink more! Because as any true wine drinker here will tell you Spain has so much more to offer than Rioja and Rueda (though both excellent wine regions and not to be dismissed in any way). Indeed Spain is drowning in wonderfully quaffable wines at amazingly low prices. I kid you not, I have been to bars where the bottled water costs more than the wine and non alcoholic drinks are a fortune in comparison – really you’re practically forced to drink the wine for your economic health!

Not that I limit myself to just Spanish wines, but living here means they tend to be the main feature. So I caved to opinion and started a blog. Not because I feel any of you will profit unduly from my drunken observations (though you’re welcome to them), but because it is becoming noticeably harder to remember what wines I have drunk and whether I liked them. This may be due to age or possibly due to the the aforesaid copious quantities of wine drunk (hard to tell as I can’t remember ­čśé). So I am writing this blog as much for me as for my friends, and of course any other wine lovers out there who may be interested in my ramblings.